Balinese Relaxation Massage

Balinese relaxation massage by MAAPUN.COM offers Balinese aromatherapy massage, Balinese deep tissue massage, Balinese full body massage, Balinese foot massage and many more.

Accepting Out Call Massage Service In Ubud Area With Extra Charge IDR.50.000, Call Now: 0361 975565.

Top Balinese Relaxation Massage For All Age By MAAPUN.COM Good Massage Place In Ubud Bali!

balinese relaxation massage

Special Balinese Relaxation Massage Packages

Let’s experience Balinese massage for relaxation with us, MAAPUN.COM recommendation place for massage in Ubud Bali. Yes, we already created special Balinese relaxation massage packages for your Bali massage holiday. Address Jl.Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Please choose our Balinese relaxation massage packages below match you need:

1. Balinese Foot Maasge

Favorite Balinese massage for relaxation after walking, running, yoga or any other exercises.

Price: IDR.50.000 for 30 Minutes, and IDR.100.000 for 1 Hour

2. Traditional Balinese Body Massage

Experience the massage that goes back into the rich history of Bali. Characterized by thumb pressure, kneading strokes, and alternating hand movements, a skilled traditional Balinese masseuse is able to release muscle tension and improve blood circulation with perfection.

Price: IDR.100.000 for 1 Hour, and IDR.150.000 for 1,5 Hours

3. Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Massage

Bringing the massage experience to new levels of depth and sensation, our combination deep tissue and aroma oil massage works the muscles of the body while relaxing the mind completely. Comprised of vigorous stretching, long strokes, skin rolling, and thumb/palm pressure to bring the greatest levels of relaxation that will last for days.

Price: IDR.180.000 for 1 Hour, IDR.200.000 for 1,5 Hours, and IDR.300.000 for 2 Hours

4. Special Gazebo Full Body Massage

Gazebo is our signature massage style that you won’t find anywhere else in Ubud. It incorporates elements of Shiatsu, reflexology, and acupressure with gentle stretches to create a totally unique and refreshing massage experience. Includes herbal foot bath to get you in the mood for relaxation.

Price: IDR.400.000, Duration 2 Hour

5. Localized Back and Shoulder Massage

Focus on specific pain points in the back, neck, and shoulders for concentrated loosening of the muscles and application of healing techniques. Ideal for people who spend a lot of time working on the computer or are otherwise subject to prolonged poor posture.

Price: IDR.80.000 For 30 Minutes, IDR.150.000 For 1 Hour

Please Check Also Our Special Bali Massage Recommendation That You Never Get From Other Massage Places In Ubud Bali

* Massage for relaxation
* Massage for wrist pain
* Massage for vertigo
* Massage for vomiting
* Massage for upper back pain
* Massage for upset stomach
* Massage for uterus
* Massage for under eye puffiness
* Massage for under eye hollows
* Massage for upper back
* Massage for tension headache
* Massage for sciatica
* Massage for stress
* Massage for sore muscles
* Massage for stiff neck
* Massage for sinuses
* Massage for pinched nerve
* Massage for pulled muscle
* Massage for ovarian cysts
* Massage for ovulation
* Massage for ovaries
* Massage for ovary pain
* Massage for neck pain
* Massage for nausea
* Massage for neck
* Massage for neck pain and headache
* Massage for neck and shoulder pain
* Massage for nerve pain
* Massage for neck spasm
* Massage for migraine
* Massage for muscle strain
* Massage for muscle spasm
* Massage for middle back pain
* Massage for lower back pain
* Massage for legs
* Massage for lower back
* Massage for leg pain
* Massage for lower back spasm
* Massage for knee pain
* Massage for knee
* Massage for kidneys
* Massage for kidney disease
* Massage for kidney stones
* Massage for jaw pain
* Massage for joint pain
* Massage for jaw muscles
* Massage for insomnia
* Massage for infertility
* Massage for intestines
* Massage for headaches
* Massage for hip pain
* Massage for heel pain
* Massage for groin pain
* Massage for frozen shoulder
* Massage for fertility
* Massage for feet
* Massage for face
* Massage for foot pain
* Massage for flexibility
* Massage for flu
* Massage for elderly
* Massage for ear infections
* Massage for ear pressure
* Massage for eyes
* Massage for energy
* Massage for ear pain
* Massage for depression
* Massage for digestion
* Massage for cellulite
* Massage for constipation
* Massage for back pain
* Massage for anxiety
* Massage for asthma
* Massage for a pinched nerve

For Reservation About Balinese Relaxation Massage, Please Call: 0361 975565 or 61 361 975565, Mobile: 08113985288 or Fill The Online Reservation Form!

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