Bali Touch Reflexology Massage

Bali Touch Reflexology Massage

Accepting Out Call Massage Service In Ubud Area With Extra Charge IDR.50.000, WA Now: +628113899906.

bali touch reflexology

Special Bali Touch Reflexology Healing Massage

Combination with ancient Chinese acupressure and life Shiva energy healing massage that uses the soles of the feet to heal and treat the rest of the body. Treat yourself to a relaxing lemongrass and sea salt herbal footbath to cleanse and balance your body, followed by expertly applied pressure to the feet and hands for a boosted metabolism and greater energy distribution.

* Special Offer: IDR.250K for 30 Minutes Bali Touch reflexology
* Best Offer: IDR.350K for 1 Hour Bali Touch Reflexology Massage

Match for reduce any disorder and any pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, arthritis, hypertension, depression, stress, headache, sinusitis, stimulate and reorder central nervous system, boost up blood circulation, induce deep state of relaxation, illuminates great amount of toxins from the body, and many more.

Match For All Age

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    * WA: +628113899906
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